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Our Programs

At ShellyTots we recognise that the Early Childhood years play a pivotal role in a child's development. It is a special time in a child's life, a period of discovery and learning which forms the basis of a strong foundation.

ShellyTots educators use their knowledge of Early Years Education to combine play, intentional teaching and spontaneous experiences to formulate a vibrant program which nurtures and stimulates your Tot’s natural personality, creativity and curiosity.

We are an inclusive centre and tailor our program according to your Tot’s individual needs, informed by strengths, interests and learning styles. Our practice is based on the Early Years Learning Framework with an emphasis on “Belonging, Being and Becoming" to ensure your Tot is inspired, supported, and school ready.

Creative Tot

Every child is born creative and imaginative. They are innovators with vivid imaginations. Research indicates that creative experiences nurture and support children's creativity and imagination. Our program nurtures children's innate creativity and imagination by providing a rich curriculum of visual arts, music, drama and dance on a daily basis.


Active Tot

Health and well-being is pivotal to a child's development. Research shows that a play-based program is the most relevant and meaningful way for children to make connections and explore relationships and concepts. At ShellyTots we encourage children to be active participants in their own physical wellbeing, exploring their environment and making sense of their world through active play.

Astro Tot


The teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) is becoming increasingly important in early learning. Research shows that children can and should engage in STEM learning, even in the earliest years of their lives. A STEM curriculum can encourage children to design, invent, and revisit their thinking. Children are given the opportunity to investigate and experiment with a wide range of resources that develop these concepts and skills through play.

Literate Tot


During childhood, the ability to learn languages and literacy is limitless because the brain is extraordinarily malleable and possesses an excellent capacity for neuroplasticity; which allows the simultaneous learning. At ShellyTots we foster children's language and literacy through a comprehensive program providing children the opportunity to engage with literacy experiences, developing their vocabulary and love of reading. Children are encouraged to share their ideas and stories verbally with their educators and friends on a daily basis.

Sustainable Tot


Sustainability is a key aspect of life at ShellyTots and the wider community. Children explore and learn about environmental issues through hands on experiences and educator pedagogy. Children are supported in their understanding of their impact on the environment. Practicing sustainability empowers children to construct knowledge, explore values and develop an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to their world. This lays a foundation for an environmentally responsible adulthood.

Respectful Tot


We have close links to our local community and foster respect for those ties at ShellyTots. By providing opportunities for children to contribute to their local community, we enable meaningful interactions and a range of shared experiences. It’s important for children to understand and respect their social and cultural environment, as it plays a major role in a child’s learning. At ShellyTots children engage with community leaders and groups to gain respect and appreciation for the people around them.

Big School Tot


Here at ShellyTots the PreLit Program forms part of our school readiness. PreLit is a skills-based early literacy program, established by Macquarie University, for Preschool children in the year before school. It is designed to complement a play based learning environment, while providing early childhood teachers with the tools necessary to teach pre-literacy skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way. PreLit forms a part of our program differentiation, facilitating lifelong learning and ensuring children have the best start to their primary schooling.

Nutritional Tot


A variety of nutritionally balanced meals are provided daily for children at ShellyTots. All meals are in line with the Australian government nutritional benchmarks. Meals also respect the diversity of cultures within our centre. Importantly, children with allergies are provided with special meals tailored to their dietary requirements.